Welcome to my colourful, creative, little happy space of creative vibes and wonderful things to make your hearts spark!

I’m super happy to have you here! I grew up in the good old 80s/90s, where covering your bedroom walls from head to toe with your favourite, most fabulous music, movie and fashion artists was so the vibe! Mine for sure was covered! Covering my walls in cool wall art has always been one of my favourite ways to express myself, as well as drawing, painting and creating all the magical wonderful things.

I’ve always loved being surrounded by things that uplift my soul and make me feel good! Things that scream “this is a little wild”, over the top extra, too bold for some, but not for me! A kaleidoscope of colours featuring all the colourful things is definitely what I would call my love language! Nothing makes me happier than, stand out wild playful prints and patterns, whether I dressed that way (and I for sure love dressing up in pure dopamine vibes) or in my art and designs. I am inspired by so many wonderful things that continue to uplift my soul each and every day! Hopefully my creations will uplift your souls, filling them with joy and feel good vibes too.


MISSION:😀Embracing the power of our individuality, uniqueness and all that makes us wonderfully different as different is cool😎 and cool is different! while we create not hate , be the vibe, spread unlimited kindness, love, joy and peace ✌🏿 yaaaassss😎


Why:😀To put wonderful  smiles on all your faces, so all can take happiness home! Most importantly, I aim to empower women and all you wonderful people to create more, dream more and believe more! All while inspiring you to embrace your uniqueness and be the main character in your own story!🤪

FUN FACTS: About me, pink is my forever favourite colour and just colourful vibes in general 🦋I love dressing up and standing out my way just like my artwork!🌈Disco balls, rainbows and glitter will forever kind of vibe yassssss and I am definitely a maximalist to the core!


You will see the symbol of the butterfly and all its uniqueness and joy in most of my artworks.

Each cool, fun filled, electric piece is hand painted and designed by me. Using influences of fierce and FABULOUS QUEENS and empowering, uplifting quotes that will make you want to express yourself and glow and grow your own way yassss…to putting wonderful  smiles on all your faces, your homes and your spaces!